How To Review A Website

How To Review Website Background

When people are online surfing the internet, visiting web pages they often have a list of questions they have in mind about the website. These questions tend to include; is the website secure, does the web page load fast, is the information I’m reading useful, is this website worth my time?

The one question they also have in mind is about trust – i.e. is this website trustworthy? Often this question is answered in two stages. The first stage is to determine whether the website has a SSL security padlock on the website. The next other stage is to determine whether or not this site is trusted by real people – often quickly determined by how many reviews exist about the website and what the overall review ratings tend to be.

So How Does Someone Review A Website?

These days there are a number of review websites that people can use to write a review about a website. However, not all review websites are of good quality – and not all of them are easy to use either, which can bring about a whole host of problems.

So let’s get to the bottom of reviewing a website. There are two ways of doing this, we will explore the first option. So a person wants to review your website and where do they go? To the nearest review website they can think off and in just a matter of seconds they’ve found your business listing and are happily tapping away a review – for it to be immediately saved and published online for the whole world to see. Do you see how simple that was, and there lies the problem.

What problem? The fact that, literally, anyone can write a review of let’s say, your website / business. That anyone could be that, a rival, someone who’s bored, someone who’s a college kid out for a prank, etc. It’s a bit like handing your car keys to a random stranger in the street and hoping that they won’t steal your car!

Now we have the second option, which goes a little like this. A verified genuine customer can go on to a review website and write a review about your website / service / product. The upside here is that because the review is written by a real customer, it builds trust and peace of mind. Just like handing your car keys to a reputable garage in order for them to fix your car. With this option, there’s no risk of rivals, pranksters, other writing nonsense reviews about your business.

What’s the best way to get my website reviewed?

Often the best way to get your website reviewed is to only allow real customers to write a review, instead of allowing anyone to do it. Also consider how much reviews play a part in how much your website is trusted, by real people. In other words, don’t scrimp on reviews because they can help to boots your business. Whilst there are a few trustworthy review websites out there, you need one that provides all the (easy to use) features you need, with the reassurance of only allowing your real customers to leave feedback. In addition, you want a review site that is competitive and does not tie you down with an annual contract; this is where Right Review should be your first site to check out.

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