Review Website SEO

Review Website Seo Background

So you’ve heard of ‘Review Website SEO’ but you might wondering how does SEO relate to a reviews website? Okay, but first we need to ask what is SEO? There’s a lot of myths out there so best to know the facts from the fiction. Firstly it’s an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and it simply means making your website more easily to find on the search engines. There’s a lot of work and time that goes into Search Optimisation!

So what does SEO have to do with a reviews website? Well if a reviews website is setup in a certain way, the reviews and links can reflect favourably on your website – which ultimately has the huge SEO potential up lift your website up the ranking on the search engines. This is because the likes of Google and Bing take reviews as (one of many) indicators of how trusted your website is.

Put more simply, the more good reviews you get – the better you look to the search engines which will strongly go towards boosting your position on search!

How Do I Put Reviews To Work For My Website SEO?

Surprisingly, that is almost easy! Firstly you ensure your customers are happy and then you find a reviews website that has the right features to help towards giving the search engines good indications about your website (i.e. lots of regular good reviews).

So what’s not easy? Well firstly you have to find a good reviews website that has the features you need - i.e. shows your ratings on a web page, allows you to display reviews on your website. Thing is these features can be expensive and some reviews websites will try to tie you in to a contract!

Also you need a quick, easy for people to leave reviews on your website – I did say easy and quick. From research we’ve done, some of the popular review sites make leaving a review an experience that’s a real hassle – that’s the last thing you need.

So what’s the solution? You need a website reviews solution that enables your customers to leave reviews quickly and easily, and you don’t want a contract or be forced to pay silly money. Plus the website reviews solutions needs to show your reviews on its own page as well as allow them to be displayed on your website. What do you need – Right Review! Take it for a spin – get 7 days free and grab 50% off the first month!

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