Website Review Websites

Website Review Websites Background

What exactly are “website review websites”? Put simply, they are specialist websites where customers leave reviews about your service or product. Increasingly there is more demand for these sorts of websites as more and more customers look for signs of trustworthiness amongst online websites (including yours!).

Some of these review websites (as they’re often known) have been around for years and some of them are fairly new. The fact is, if you’re providing any kind of service (i.e. selling online or providing a service that’s offline – such as PT training) you 100% do need a reviews website. So why do you, need a customer reviews website? Well let me ask you an easy question – do you want more customers? Yes? Thought so!

So You Do Need A Review Website

Okay so now you’re thinking “how do I find one?”, “which one should I use?”, “what will it cost?”, “does it have limits or any restrictions?”, “what about contracts?”. Well to answer those questions, keep reading an we’ll unpack them together.

So “how do you find one?” easy use Google or Bing. Although this follows on to the second thought, “which one should I use?” and here’s where it can be complex. Why? Because each reviews website works differently, you’ll want to research them to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice. As for “what will it cost?” again, different sites work differently so the prices may be different, depending on what options you’re looking for. In terms of restrictions or limitations, there are often a few but these vary depending on which package you choose. For contracts, most (if not all) now come complete with contracts!

Where Do You Start?

Well that’s where you need a reviews website that’s not complicated, isn’t expensive but is packed with features and – best of all – is both contract free, and made so that customers find leaving reviews super quick and easy too. Sure I mean, you could choose an alternative but you know that you’d be paying a lot more and you’d need to be sure you actually wanted a contract? So instead you need Right Review, all you need and nothing you don’t plus there are no contacts and you get a free 7 day trial, plus 50% off the first month too!

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